New Case-Packed Backpacks and Laptop Bags $4.75 ea
Brand New
Laptop Bags and Backpacks
$4.75 ea.


Brand New
Case Packed
Laptop Bags and Backpacks
Laptop bags & backpacks come with built in MP3 Hookups and/or Built in Speakers and other accessories such as: USB ports, Water Repellent Audio Cases and more...
Master cased. Individually poly-bagged and ready for resale.
Only Three Lots Available.
Each Contains 4,152 Units Worth $122,658.
Your Price: $4.75 ea.
$19,720 per lot plus shipping.
Ships from CA on 9 Pallets.

Contact Christie, Maria, Yeny or Moe with your questions and to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!

phone: 305-459-1575


PS: If you're buying from us, thank you! If you're not, please let me know how we can better serve your individual needs and I will do everything within my power to earn your business! Please contact Moe directly. 
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